gluten-free vegan chili

Crockpot Veggie & Bean Chili

November 17, 2018 editor 0

Nothing beats crockpot chili for convenience and simplicity. Not to mention all the flavor that slow cooking brings to a dish. Doing gluten-free chili isn’t too hard but making sure there is enough hearty goodness in the bowl without any […]

vegan and gluten-free corn potato soup recipe

Corn and Potato Soup

December 1, 2017 editor 0

You’ll need a slow cooker or Crock Pot for this recipe, and it’s one of the easiest ones I’ve found so far. Super quick to get started but you still get a rich and hearty vegan soup with lots of […]

vegan gluten-free crockpot chickpea recipe

Crockpot Indian Butter Chickpeas

March 30, 2017 editor 0

A clever word-play on the more traditional butter chicken, this is a vegan and gluten-free alternative that is super easy to cook up in a Crockpot or whatever slow cooker thing you have. 1 pkg firm tofu 1 medium onion, […]