vegan and gluten free refried bean recipe

Refried Beans

May 9, 2017 editor 0

A basic recipe of refried beans is usually both vegan and gluten-free anyway, but several canned varieties have lard or other meat ingredients in them. So if you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, having a handy (easy) recipe for […]

vegan and gluten free recipes

Apple Chocolate Cupcakes

April 30, 2017 editor 0

Chocolate and apple go nicely together in these vegan gluten-free cupcakes, and they are even healthier due to the addition of black beans. Yes, I said black beans. The kind you put in chili. And yes, they are fantastic in […]

free gluten-free vegan chili recipe

Classic 3-Bean Chili

March 30, 2017 editor 0

Chili can beĀ great vegan dish though it can be a little beany for my taste when the meat is just replaced with more beans. I like my chili to taste (and feel) like it has some meat in it. This […]

vegan and gluten-free black bean soup recipe

Black Bean Soup

March 29, 2017 editor 0

This is a hearty soup that can warm you up on any cold day. Beans add some great texture without the need for meat. It’s filling enough that you can have it as a meal or just as a side. […]