vegan and gluten free alfredo sauce recipe

Veggie Alfredo Sauce

July 26, 2017 editor 0

I do love simple recipes and being able to create an easy vegan and gluten-free version of creamy alfredo sauce has been on my to-do list for a while. They always seemed complicated and often relied on vegan cheese products […]

vegan and gluten free refried bean recipe

Refried Beans

May 9, 2017 editor 0

A basic recipe of refried beans is usually both vegan and gluten-free anyway, but several canned varieties have lard or other meat ingredients in them. So if you are a fan of Mexican cuisine, having a handy (easy) recipe for […]

gluten free and vegan recipe for pesto

Classic Pesto

April 15, 2017 editor 0

You don’t really need a special vegan or gluten-free recipe for pesto since it is naturally both. I don’t care, I’m including it anyway. ┬áIt’s a simple and fresh-tasting sauce that can be used as a spread or dip. I’m […]

gluten free and vegan cheese sauce recipes

Cheese Sauces

April 2, 2017 editor 0

Going without cheese can be tough for a vegan, but you can whip up a satisfying cheese sauce without resorting to using any cheese or dairy. Keep out the wheat flour to make both of these options gluten-free too. Now […]