gluten free and vegan recipe for pesto

Classic Pesto

April 15, 2017 0

You don’t really need a special vegan or gluten-free recipe for pesto since it is naturally both. I don’t care, I’m including it anyway.  It’s a simple and fresh-tasting sauce that can be used as a spread or dip. I’m […]

vegan and gluten-free pasta recipes

Creamy Butternut Squash Pasta

April 15, 2017 0

Yes, even vegan recipes can be creamy. You just need to know all the right dairy-free cooking tricks. In this case, the sauce uses nutritional yeast to thicken it up and give it a cheesy flavor (minus the cheese, of […]

vegan and gluten free stir fry recipe with tofu

Tropical Thai Fried Rice

April 14, 2017 0

Lime, pineapple, garlic and a little cilantro make this a vegan stir-fry dish with a classic Thai flavor twist. It’s great as a main course, but if you made it without the tofu, it would be a light side as […]

gluten free and vegan cheese sauce recipes

Cheese Sauces

April 2, 2017 0

Going without cheese can be tough for a vegan, but you can whip up a satisfying cheese sauce without resorting to using any cheese or dairy. Keep out the wheat flour to make both of these options gluten-free too. Now […]

gluten-free vegan cracker recipes

Crisp Grainfree Crackers

April 2, 2017 0

These hearty little crackers are so tasty you won’t even realize that they don’t actually have any grain in them. An array of seeds are used instead of the usual grains so this is actually a paleo recipe as well as […]